Ss_90  Soft facility management systems

General information


Ss  Systems


Ss_90_05  Demand for space

Ss_90_06  Demand for technical infrastructure

Ss_90_07  Demand for cleaning

Ss_90_08  Demand related to outdoor space

Ss_90_09  Workplace

Ss_90_10  Specific demand related to space and infrastructure

Ss_90_11  Demand for health, safety and security

Ss_90_12  Hospitality demands

Ss_90_13  Demand for information and communication

Ss_90_14  Demand for logistics

Ss_90_15  Demand for integrated management, consultancy and administration

Ss_90_20  Specific demand of administrative, commercial and protective services

Ss_90_25  Specific demand of cultural, educational, scientific and information organizations

Ss_90_30  Specific demand of industrial organizations

Ss_90_35  Specific demand of medical, health, welfare and sanitary organizations

Ss_90_40  Specific demand of recreational organizations

Ss_90_45  Specific demand of residential organizations

Ss_90_50  Specific demand of disposal organizations

Ss_90_55  Specific demand of piped supply organizations

Ss_90_60  Specific demand of heating, cooling and refrigeration organizations

Ss_90_65  Specific demand of ventilation and air conditioning organizations

Ss_90_70  Specific demand of electrical organizations

Ss_90_75  Specific demand of communications, security, safety and protection organizations

Ss_90_80  Specific demand of rail organizations

Ss_90_81  Specific demand of road organizations

Ss_90_82  Specific demand of marine and waterway organizations

Ss_90_83  Specific demand of cable transport organizations

Ss_90_84  Specific demand of aerospace organizations

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Where to use Ss_90


  • Ss_90 : Soft facility management systems

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